The mission of I’m Changing The Narrative is to promote positive mental health and GOOD love for yourself and others to serve as inspiration for students, professionals and parents to create an individual legacy of purpose, passion and platform.

40 different colleges have been impacted by I’m Changing the Narrative. But it’s not just colleges: stops include Border Patrol, Pro Football Hall of Fame, churches, symposiums. 

Rachel Baribeau

Rachel Baribeau

Sports Broadcaster • Speaker • Author


In 2016, sports broadcaster, Rachel Baribeau, penned a piece for GridironNow.com entitled, “College Football is Breaking My Heart.” The game she loved was becoming unrecognizable. Negative news stories dominated the game and no campus seemed immune. Most broadcasters would have left it at that.

Not Rachel.

Rachel developed #ImChangingtheNarrative with student athletes in mind and a belief that one crooked course made straight is everything. One misstep not taken means one less victim in the world. And one less life thrown away because of a split second bad decision.

At Rachel’s first visit, someone they’re skeptical when the petite Latina woman is introduced, but in just 60 minutes she wins them over. She speaks to athletes about taking back the headlines for good – showing them that they have the power to change the narrative and to find their purpose in life outside of their sport. To live lives of…

Purpose, Passion and Platform.

Just like her inspiration, Alabama and NFL star, Kevin Turner did before he succumbed to ALS and CTE.

When she’s finished, they wait in line to speak to her. They tweet, private message and text her. They trust her and report back on their efforts to become the kings and queens she consistently challenges them to be. While the message originated as purpose, passion, platform, over the three years and 40 campuses it now emcompasses, heavily, mental health, being a KING/QUEEN everyday of your life and interpersonal relationships; as Rachel was a victim of domestic violence herself.


Dr. Kevin Elko

Dr. Kevin Elko

Inspirational Speaker • Author • Performance Consultant

Dr. Elko received his Bachelors in Biology Education and Coaching from California University of Pennsylvania. He then went on to West Virginia University where he received two Masters and a Doctorate and was later inducted into West Virginia University Hall of Fame. 

He went on to intern at the United States Olympic Committee in Colorado.

Springs.  In Sports, he has consulted with various successful teams including The Pittsburgh Steelers, The Dallas Cowboys and The Philadelphia Eagles.  In the College world, he has worked with several highly successful teams including The University of Miami, The University of Alabama, The University of Georgia and Florida State University.  

His corporate clients have included ING, Tyson Foods, Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel, Abbott Labs, LPL Financial, The Hartford, Genworth, Jackson National Life, Pioneer Investments, Morgan Stanley, and State Farm Insurance. 

Dr. Elko is the author of six books, Nerves of Steel, The Pep Talk, True Greatness: Mastering the Inner Game of Business Success, Touchdown: Achieving Your Greatness on the Playing Field of Business and Life, The Sender and The Sender Companion Journal. 

Suzzane "Mama Sue" Skinner

Suzzane "Mama Sue" Skinner

Music TV Producer • Casting Director • Image & Career Coach

Suzzane “Mama Sue” Skinner, has been a Music Row Music Television Producer and Casting Director for 27 years and an Image & Career Coach for 39 years.

She owns Audience Co Nashville, that specializes in quality crowds & audiences.

In 2011, she Co-Founded a marketing partnership company, So Good! Entertainment, to bring music to pro racing in NASCAR and ARCA and match Brands with Teams and Drivers.

She has been married for 39 years and has two grown children, who help operate their company, Relax Wraps, in Music Valley Nashville.

Tia Chapman

Tia Chapman

Single mother to 4 young kings

Tia Chapman is a single mother of 4 amazing young kings! Kiante (23), Trajan (20), Jeremy (17), and Emannuel (18). Through her life she has continued to persevere through all of the negative things that were told to her regarding her and her sons. Things like “you will never be anything”, “your sons will not make it!”  She was treated like she was not good enough.

As her sons began to grow, she signed them up for recreational sports as she wanted to carry on the tradition of her family being a “sports family.” Her sons played football, basketball, soccer, and baseball, and they all loved it! She had to work 2-3 jobs at one time to make it so they could stay active with positive things. Her goal was to make sure that they become great influences to the world!

On May 10, 2017, Tia was surprised with a scholarship award letter presented to her by coach Scottie Montgomery, for football at East Carolina University. Faith and prayer guides her and her family and it certainly was and answered prayer!  [Click here to see the video].

Kiante is the first generation graduate also! Her sons are a true blessing from God, and she prays often that they will get the experience to play at a professional level. She declares it and prays it over them daily and encourages them to do the same! Her oldest son, Kiante Anderson, just signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When she received the news she yelled, screamed and praised God! It is her goal to be an inspiration to many (and she is told that often)!

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