#ChangingTheNarrative : It’s not just a hashtag… it’s a movement.

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#ChangingtheNarrative is for the Queens, too!

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35 minutes ago
I’m gonna keep sharing this stuff and keep talking about it. If you makes you uncomfortable, GOOD! It makes me sick. If I annoy you for trying to change the world, please unfollow me!

Happy Saturday! 🌞 https://t.co/XWEkOuO1Dp
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Julie DiCaro @JulieDiCaro
Dragging Bob Kraft is fun, but let's remember that the women he 'solicited' were being held against their will. https://t.co/zcPZvx78O5
50 minutes ago
@eric_adelson @RachelBaribeau In the last year law enforcement raided 2 "spas" in Waco and rescued 5 or 6 women. Texas has formed a special task force to fight it.


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