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11 hours ago
Thinking about the Holidays. My mom was Jewish. My dad was Catholic, Italian. We celebrated Passover and Easter. The Passover Seder lasted hours and Easter Sunday meals lasted the entire day in my grandparents basement in Queens, NY. Food and love were one in the same.
11 hours ago
The Laguna Beach City Council voted 4-1 Tuesday night to keep an American flag-themed logo on its police patrol cars, rejecting claims the graphic “would scare illegal immigrants.”

11 hours ago
@Raye_100 @Notmyown3 @SRiggsWDRB right? Also 'a stranger walked into'? - that was a Trespasser/Suspect/Criminal - without pants & growling in a child's room. Mr. Bracey is a Hero, home owner, 'law abiding family man' and an actual 'good guy with a gun'.
11 hours ago
@SRiggsWDRB How about listen to what the man who protected a young child from a predator who broke into his home said about it...


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