#ChangingTheNarrative : It’s not just a hashtag… it’s a movement.

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#ChangingtheNarrative is for the Queens, too!

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Really, really, REALLY appreciate that! I want people to be able to access it beyond the college scene....Hence this retreat!🙌🏽 https://t.co/nW5NtAhiWD
3 minutes ago
when i run through the house. with paws full of mud. please remember. i am making art. i am an artist
4 minutes ago
NEW PODCAST: Today is a great conversation on manhood with former NFL MVP @shaunalexander and Fox Sports commentator @Chris_Broussard ... Loved chatting with them.

https://t.co/ZBCrm8H052 https://t.co/fdIZCRC34b
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6 minutes ago
Your kids will never say "I wish my dad would have spent less time with me." They measure your love for them by the time you spend with them. Make it a priority. @thefathereffect https://t.co/yF0kDne9be https://t.co/oex9MZRkTj RachelBaribeau photo


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