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3 hours ago
"And I said to him, 'You're gonna get hit on your blind side.'
And he said back to me, 'Mom, all my sides are blind.'"

Meet Adonis Watt, a blind HS running back scoring touchdowns and inspiring a team
3 hours ago
So happy for you!!!!💯💯💯 https://t.co/OpudR6aXIW
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Terrin Waack @TerrinWaack
I joined @NASCAR Digital Media literally halfway through the 2019 schedule - right before the 18/36 race. Crazy to think the season is over. It definitely flew. Can’t thank my team enough for the seamless transition & memories already made. Ready to do the whole shebang in 2020! https://t.co/9duURxr8Qe
3 hours ago
Travis Carpenter is a 12-year-old @NASCAR fan with a rare genetic disorder that can cause tumors anywhere in the body.

“Medicine can take him so far. But racing, being at the track, it just heals his spirit & heals his soul in a way medicine can’t touch.”


Rachel Baribeau inspires Bay High students

Rachel Baribeau inspires Bay High students

PANAMA CITY - Inspirational speaker and sports broadcaster Rachel Baribeau stopped by Bay High School to remind students they are kings and queens. Baribeau spoke to students Monday and used those terms to remind them of their self-worth. Baribeau encouraged students...

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