Baribeau presented her #ChangingTheNarrative campaign as part of Mercer’s Fifth Quarter Series

MACON, Ga. – While Mercer’s future football student-athletes signed their National Letters of Intent to join #MUvment18 on Wednesday morning, its current 83-man roster gained knowledge and inspiration from guest speaker Rachel Baribeau.

Baribeau, who has delivered sports commentary via national broadcasters such as Fox Sports, ESPN, CBS Sports, Yahoo and SiriusXM, spoke to the football team about her #ChangingTheNarrative campaign as part of Mercer’s Fifth Quarter Series.

Baribeau’s #ChangingTheNarrative campaign focuses on four core aspects: talking with young men about taking back the headlines of college football and using their platform to make a positive difference; sharing her story of domestic violence and how it affects people’s lives; explaining what a man’s purpose is outside of football; and teaching the values of service to one’s community while respecting others.

“It is important that we, as coaches, teach our young men about life after football,” said head coach Bobby Lamb. “Our team had the pleasure of hearing Rachel today after our coaching staff heard her speak at the [American Football Coaches Association] convention in Charlotte [N.C.] in January.

“Rachel provided a great message to our football team and gave us the opportunity to build upon it heading into the future.”

By Gerrit W. Van Genderen