Are you just existing? 
Living for Fridays and dreading Mondays? 

Maybe you have a dream in your heart, but just don’t know how to birth it. Have a sneaking suspicion that there is indeed more to life?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then join me (and people just like you) in one of the world’s hottest cities, Nashville, for the second #ChangingYOURNarrative retreat!

My name is Rachel Baribeau. I am the Founder of #ChangingtheNarrative! I will share all that went into the making of the movement. You will candidly hear my struggles, joys AND victories. I will be carefully guiding you through your journey of leaving a legacy and breathing rarified air.

I hosted the first-ever #ChangingYOURNarrative Retreat in August of 2019 and the life-change was staggering: relationships were formed, dreams were shared, plans were made, stresses and hangups left on the meeting-room floor. A ROYAL family was created. We left knowing, deep in our soul, that we are KINGS and QUEENS!

It won’t be all work and no play – we’re going to have tons of fun! We choose fun destinations and indulge in amazing food and reserve time to enjoy each other’s company, or relax on our own.

You will leave having fully stepped into what makes you unique and dialed into your messaging so you can reach the people who need you most. How amazing is that going to feel?

The retreat is open to adults, all genders. We are purposely keeping it small to encourage growth, intimacy and life-long bonds!

Come alone or bring a friend, spouse or partner to share this amazing experience with! Special price break for adding second attendee. (See application!)

The Setting

Nashville is one of America’s “IT” cities with a wide variety or entertainment, friendly-environment, and popular destination for people from all over the world. You’ll experience a private, one-of-kind Nashville tour on Saturday morning and  attend a private dinner at one of Nashville’s hottest restaurants.


We’ll be staying at The Estate at Cherokee Dock.

Originally built in 1960, the nearly 13,000 sq. ft. Southern Colonial mansion in Nashville, Tennessee, is most widely recognized as the former home of award-winning artist, actor, and author, Reba McEntire. In 2017, we opened our doors as a wedding venue and event center.

Secluded on 13 acres of private property, The Estate retains the charm and grandeur you would expect, with original gardens, luxury stable, paddocks, guest house, pool house, eight-car garage, and more. It has undergone several renovations and additions over the years and now includes event spaces, both inside and out, transforming your unique day into a reality, all while being positioned on scenic acres of lakefront views.

Just a 35-minute drive from the heart of downtown Nashville, you are able to absorb the peace and serenity of the Tennessee countryside, and still have the option to enjoy the nightlife of Music City.

Special Guest Artist

Laura Reed

We are pleased to be hosting a private acoustic concert with the incomparable Laura Reed. Her music and songwriting is the very essence of what we teach at #ChangingtheNarrative!  She is using her platform to change the world. 

“I will look at how “music saved my life” and re-directed from a narrative that could’ve been my downfall as a teenager – instead into a very purpose-driven path. I had to keep focused, always, on WHY I do what I do, and HOW I am using my gift as a singer and a song writer/musician. I refuse to make excuses – like being a single mother or being a woman as any type of handicap-  they only  sharpened me even more to stay laser focused on how I can impact the world in a positive way.”

Laura will be speaking on how she brought music and this message to prisons, to an orphanage in Jamaica, to schools in Nashville,  as well as juke joints and night clubs along the way.


“I was really young when I left South Africa,” says Laura Reed, “but I had this vision that if I ever came back, I’d be singing for a huge crowd.” 

Two decades later, Reed’s dream became a reality when she returned to the Sandton neighborhood of Johannesburg, where she grew up, and took the stage in front of 30,000 cheering music fans at the Joy of Jazz Festival. Reed was the special guest of harmonica icon Lee Oskar that night, and her star turn at the festival was an unforgettable highlight in a career that’s been chock full of them. Don’t let the fairytale moment fool you, though. Reed climbed her way to success from the ground up, building a devoted audience and earning high-profile fans through grit, determination, and relentless touring. She weathered tumultuous storms and embraced bold risks without ever sacrificing her artistic independence, betting on herself and her talent even when the odds seemed stacked against her. Now, on the eve of releasing her debut collection for Blue Rose Music, it’s clear that Laura Reed’s gamble is paying off. 

Distinguished Presenter

Melanie Reese


Melanie Reese is a board-certified, psychotherapist in private practice located on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Melanie’s education and professional background in both the mind and body gives her a unique and effective approach to therapy. 

Melanie has seen first hand how our mind and body are deeply connected and has developed her unique approach to mental health wellness with these things in mind. She uses clinically tested and evidence based interventions such as EMDR, Animal Assisted Psychotherapy (AAP) and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. With extensive training in trauma therapy, integrative cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness techniques, Melanie works with individuals to overcome personal obstacles and make lasting changes.

Melanie is excited to join with Changing the Narrative and their mission of empowering and changing the lives of others! She will be speaking on the role our personal narratives play and how they show up in our own lives and relationships. We all have filters that color the information we take in from our daily surroundings. These filters come from our past and are continually strengthened by our present. This greatly affects the message we hear by the time our hearts receive it. What does your heart look and feel like right now? Come do some heart work and discover what change can look like for you! 

She will be bringing some of the work she does in her practice to share with those in attendance! This includes some break-out sessions to explore these topics a little deeper and even some Trauma Sensitive Yoga! 

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